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Are your products hypoallergenic?
Our products are all hypoallergenic due to the fact that all our products does not contain any allergy triggering ingredients such as chlorine, ammonia, and quats.

Why can’t I just purchase the tablets or powder?
Soon! now we have limited stocks and want you to make the switch easily by providing the bottles. Keep check our website and social media for the latest products information

Are your products disinfecting or antibacterial?
Yes our product contains organic disinfecting ingredients such as citric acid, lactic acid & sodium percarbonate, that kills germs & bacteria.

Are senormal products cruelty free?
Yes, all of our product are cruelty free from the labtesting to production processes.

Can I use senormal products if I have a soy or nut allergy?
Soy or nut allergies is caused by our human body reacting to the various protein content inside a soy/nuts such as Cupin, Prolamine, & Profilin. Our product contains none of those ingredients. Yes, Senormal products are safe for you to use.

Are Senormal products pet-safe?
Yes. Our products are created from naturally derived ingredients which all of them are far from any harmful substances for pets such as ammonia, chlorine, and Phenol

Are Senormalproducts pH balanced?
Yes. All our product are pH-balanced at 7.0 +/- 5% hence it is safe from irritating our skin.

Are Senormal products gluten-free?
Yes we are gluten-free. Gluten free means our products contains no ingredients that is a processed form of gluten such as Tocopherols & Cyclodextrin.

Are Senormal products organic?
All our products comes from natural sources such as plants and naturally occuring mineral salts.

Are Senormal products vegan?
Yes. All our products contains no animal or animal derivative ingredient.

Apakah ada tanggal kedaluwarsa pada tablet?
Ya. Tablet kami memiliki tanggal kedaluwarsa sekitar 24 Bulan setelah tanggal produksi yang tertera pada bungkus tabletmu

Apakah saya dapat membuka kemasan tablet dan menyimpan tablet ke dalam wadah saya sendiri?
Jika anda membuka kemasan tablet tanpa niatan untuk segera memasukkannya ke dalam botol berisikan air, kami menyarankan anda untuk segera memasukkan tablet Senormal ke dalam wadah tertutup. Ini akan menjaga umur simpan tablet Senormal hampir sama seperti saat masih di dalam kemasan kertas Senormal

Berapa lama tablet pembersih yang sudah cair menghasilkan kinerja yang efektif?
Kinerja larutan pembersih cair kami akan mengalami penurunan kinerja dalam jangka waktu yang lama karena kandungan organik dari pembersih kami. Kami merekomendasikan untuk mengganti & mengisi ulang larutan pembersih setelah 3-4 bulan setelah pelarutan



Is senormal packaging recyclable?
Yes, we are a main believer in environmentally friendly packaging and doing our best to minimize plastic as much as possible. Our box packaging and coconut fiber is compostable. Whereas with the help of our friends at Rekosistem, all our packaging wastes can be recycled properly.

How do I dispose of Senormal packaging?
Keep in mind that when wet, our packaging box will be harder to recycle. Please keep away from oil and water. Dispose our packaging according to their waste categories and drop off at your nearest Rekosistem drop-off or let them pick it up in your house.

What happens if the tablet packaging gets wet?
When the tablets get wet, you will feel the tablet surface gets a little dampened. Keep the tablet in an dry, enclosed container until you feel the need to use it.

Where should I store my Senormal Tablets?
We recommend putting it in a sealed tight container (bring our your cute glass jars!) and store it in a non-humid, dry place. If you’d like to store it without the wrapper, place tablets inside jar with grains of rice or pieces of wood to keep the inside dry.


How do I create my senormal cleaner or soap?
Super easy! Rip the tablet packaging, dunk it into bottle that’s filled with bottle, spray on stained or dirty surfaces, and wipe it with a microfiber cloth or scrub.

How long will one bottle last?
Once filled, our bottles last around 1 – 2 months depending on the intensity of use and the surface area that’s cleaned.

Do I need to use warm water?
You don’t have to, but we do recommend using warm water because it will speed up the fizzling process of the tablets until it completely dissolves.

Why is my cleaning solution dripping out from the nozzle spray?
Due to pressure and fizzle gas pushing liquid up, please make sure you put the bottle cap on only after the tablet fully dissolves. If this is still happening to you when bottle isn’t used, please loosen the bottle cap after each use and tighten it again once the gas exits the bottle. If this doesn’t solve your problem, e-mail us and we will replace your bottle as soon as possible.

Does the bottle have to be completely empty before refilling?
We recommend to refill the bottle when they are fully empty.

Do I need to shake the bottle to dissolve?
No, you dont need to shake the bottle because this will push gas and liquid up. Simply let the tablets fizzle until it completely dissolves!

How much liquid does one tablet pack make?
Our 8 gr tablet will create approximately 500 mL of cleaning solution.

Can I use a bottle I have at home?
Yes you can, but please do note that you have to measure approximately 500 mL of tap water to your own bottle before inserting our tablet to the bottle.

Why does my cleaning / soap solution bubble while it’s dissolving?
its due to the release of Carbon Dioxide gas , that is the same gas that you breath out, so no need to panic. The gas comes from the reaction of our active ingredient with the water.

Why is the senormal bottle empty?
Because we believe that shipping water to you is useless and pricey. We ship it empty not only to minimize cost, but also so you can fill it yourself and dunk the tablets inside to watch it fizzle yourself. That is the Senormal experience we’d like you to have.

How many tablets do I need to use when I make my products?
1 Tablet of 8gr for each of our 500 mL spray bottle.

How many refill packs do I need?
Feel free to stock up as much as you want! Our unique tablet packaging lets you stock up without taking up a ton of space. But we do recommend stocking up about 4-6 months worth of tablets, which should be approximately around 12 tablets max.

Can I use a different tablet with a different bottle?
Yes you may, this won’t be a problem.


Where can I find senormal products?
You can find Senormal products directly through our Whatsapp Business at +6282112431177 or through Tokopedia & Shopee. At the moment you cannot buy directly from our website unfortunately.

Where can I write a senormal review?
Thank you for your interest to give us a review! We are really happy to hear your thoughts on our products but we still have to input it manually. You can send us an email through with “review” on the subject. Also, you can directly give us a review through our Tokopedia & Shopee store.

Do you offer a referral/affiliate program?
At the moment we are not yet offering referral / affiliate program. But send us an email to us if you are interested through our email Please put “referal program” on the subject. We will let you know if there’s any update.

Are you B Corps Certified?
We are currently planning to submit our certification at the moment.


How to Reach Us
You can contact us via email to or through our whatsapp at +6282112431177


Bagaimana cara saya pesan produk Senormal?

Produk kami tersedia di Website, Tokopedia, dan Shopee. Kunjungi halaman Shop All, tambahkan ke keranjang, dan checkout pembayaran. Selamat berbelanja!

Bagaimana cara saya mendapatkan ongkir gratis?

Saat ini sedang ada promo gratis ongkir pengiriman ke seluruh Indonesia. Promo ini otomatis diterapkan saat anda checkout.

Berapa harga ongkos kirim?

Kami mengirim semua pesanan dari Headquarter Senormal di Jakarta Selatan. Pengiriman regular seharga 9,000 ke daerah Jabodetabek dan sedikit lebih mahal ke luar daerah - tergantung pada alamat pengirimanmu.

Bagaimana cara saya cek dan track pesanan Senormal?

Setelah setiap pesanan berhasil, kami secara otomatis mengirimkan rincian pesanan Anda melalui email. Silakan periksa secara berkala untuk informasi lain mengenai akun Senormal Anda juga.

Kapan saya bisa mengharapkan pesanan saya datang?

Anda dapat mengharapkan pesanan Anda tiba dengan selamat dalam 2-3 hari kerja.

Pesananku dapat dikirim kemana saja?

Saat ini, kami dapat mengirim pesanan ke berbagai daerah di Indonesia.

Starter Pack atau Bundle Pack Senormal saya akan dikirim dalam kemasan apa?

Botol dan tablet Anda akan dikirim dalam kotak karton Senormal yang dikemas dengan kertas shredded. Kemasan senormal tidak menggunakan bubble wrap, plastic wrap, atau kemasan plastik lainnya.

Tablet Refill Senormal saya akan dikirim dalam kemasan apa?

Isi ulang tablet dikemas dalam bungkus kertas kraft dan akan dikirim dalam kotak karton Senormal kecil, tanpa bubble wrap, plastic wrap, atau kemasan plastik lainnya.

Berapa ongkos pengiriman ke alamat saya?

Biaya pengiriman bervariasi, tergantung pada alamat pengiriman Anda. Anda dapat memeriksa biaya pengiriman di halaman checkout.

Dapatkah saya membatalkan pesanan setelah pesanan sudah diproses?

Sayangnya, setiap pesanan yang telah berhasil dibuat tidak dapat dikembalikan atau diberhentikan. Setelah kami menerima pembayaran Anda, pesanan secara otomatis masuk ke dalam sistem kami. Silakan periksa dan periksa kembali pesanan Anda dengan baik sebelum melakukan pembayaran.

Where can I find my processing or past orders?

Anda dapat menemukan informasi tentang pesanan Anda dengan masuk ke akun Senormal Anda > klik pada wajah tersenyum di sudut kanan atas layar Anda > dan klik Pesanan.

Kapan pesanan saya akan dikirim?

Tim operasional kami mengirimkan pesanan kepada jasa pengiriman setiap jam 5 sore. Jika pesanan Anda berhasil dibuat sebelum waktu tersebut, maka akan dikirim hari itu juga. Semua orderan di atas jam 5 sore akan dikirim hari kerja setelahnya.

IApakah ada minimal pemesanan?

Tentu tidak! Anda dapat memesan sesedikit atau sebanyak yang Anda mau.

Metode pembayaran apa saja yang dapat saya gunakan?

Kami menerima pembayaran dengan kartu kredit VISA atau mastercard dan transfer bank via BCA, BNI, BRI, Mandiri, Permata.

Kapan kartu saya akan ditagih?

Jika Anda menggunakan kartu kredit, kartu Anda akan ditagih segera setelah pesanan Anda berhasil dibayar.

Apakah Senormal melalukan pengiriman ke luar negeri?

Mohon maaf untuk saat ini kami hanya melakukan pengiriman secara nasional di Indonesia, semoga dalam waktu dekat kami dapat melayani pesanan anda di luar negeri. Doain lancar ya!

Apabila salah satu barang rusak atau salah pesanan, bagaimana saya dapat minta penggantinya?

Mohon maaf atas ketidaknyamanannya! Anda dapat menghubungi kami melalui email ke atau melalui whatsapp kami di +628212431177 dan dapatkan perubahan item Anda secepatnya.